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The first version of Tarpon was Tarpon Sales and Rentals, a pipe brokerage that was started by Dave Peters in 1981. He began his career in pipe sales in the late 1950’s. By 1971, he started “Mutual Pipe and Supply” of Houston with two partners. After a ten year departure to the mud business, he returned to focus on pipe sales through Tarpon in 1986.

In 1996, Alan Peters joined his father as a salesman working from Midland, applying his 12 years experience as a Petroleum Engineer working in down hole tool design and well completion services. After two years, Alan formed his own company, Tarpon Engineering Corp. to start an inventory based pipe supply business focusing on purchasing new and used pipe and performing reclamation services to sell used, inspected pipe. In 2000, Dave passed away after a short illness and Alan managed the clients for the family through Tarpon Engineering Corp. while Tarpon Sales and Rentals was phased out. Later that year Jon Brickey joined the company, as salesman. From that point a number of very productive salesmen came into the company. In 2007 the company was re-organized as Tarpon Pipe & Supply, LP, handling all pipe sales business with Jon buying in as a 50% shareholder with Alan.

Presently we have six full time salesmen based in Midland and Denver, a staff of six administration and accounting personnel based in Midland. Over the past nine years we have started a pipe inspection company, developed a pipe yard, co-founded Patagonia Steel, co-founded Composite Lining Systems, founded Energy America, founded Fivestones Ventures, co-founded Fivestones Energy and founded several other oil and gas and real estate entities.

Tarpon strives to provide excellent service and quality products to our clients with whom we develop close working relationships. We are always looking for new, interesting opportunities to develop our business to the mutual benefit of our team, their families, our clients and partners.

Tarpon is a group of purpose-minded people who desire to bring glory to God in business as well as in our personal lives. As a company, we financially support outreach organizations such as Teen Challenge, Young Life, BYX (Brothers Under Christ), MOG (Men of God), Foundation Retreat, Campus Crusade, Heart Song Ministries, several Churches, missionaries, schools, and other youth and community programs. We encourage you to join us in our efforts to put God back in our Country.